you got the keys now oscillate. (screamforsheena) wrote in thecinemaeye,
you got the keys now oscillate.

Let's talk about how it's 7:39 am and I haven't been to sleep yet and it's starting to look like I'll never, ever sleep again.

Let's also talk about how TCE is playing Skully's w/Go Evol Shiki on Dec. 10.

And how tired I am of Bright Eyes.

And how non-tired I am of Tarantula AD.

And how you should tell yr friends to join this community PRONTO because we're mostly fun people + we're into exxxxxtreme sports. Not really. I mean, really.


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    Saturday, Dec. 10th @ Skully's (Columbus, Ohio): GO EVOL SHIKI THE CINEMA EYE BEATEN AWAKE 10pm, be there be there be there! xox m

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